The U.S. Geological Survey and agencies of the State of North Dakota have had cooperative agreements for the collection of streamflow records since 1903, ground-water levels since 1937, and water-quality records since 1946. Organizations that assisted in collecting the data in this report through cooperative agreement with the Survey are: North Dakota State Water Commission, D. A. Sprynczynatyk, State Engineer; North Dakota Department of Health, Murray Sagsveen, State Health Officer; Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource Board, Don Lee, Chairman; Lower Heart River Water Resources District, W. S. Russell, Chairman; Morton County Water Resources District, A. C. Mork, Chairman; Oliver County Water Resources District, Duane Bueligen, Chairman; Red River Joint Water Resource Board, John Galegher, Chairman; Red River Watershed Management Board, James R. McLaughlin, Chairman; Southeast Cass Water Resources District, Thomas Fischer, Chairman; City of Minot, Carroll Erickson, Mayor; North Dakota Department of Transportation, Tom Frierer, Director; Cass County Joint Water Resource District, Thomas Fischer, Chairman; Nelson County Water Resource District, Ben Varnson, Chairman; Three Affiliated Tribes, Tex G. Hall, Tribal Chairman; Spirit Lake Sioux Nation, Phillip G. Longin, Tribal Chairperson.

Assistance with funds or services was given by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for 26 streamflow-gaging stations, 17 river-stage stations, 4 reservoir stations, 2 crest-stage gages, and water quality for 9 streamflow-gaging stations; the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation for 4 streamflow-gaging stations, 1 river-stage station, 2 reservoir stations, and water quality for 2 streamflow-gaging stations and for 2 lake or reservoir stations; International Joint Commission of the U.S. State Department for 3 streamflow-gaging stations and 1 reservoir station; the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for 5 streamflow-gaging stations and water quality for 2 reservoir stations; and other U.S. Department of the Interior agencies concerned with the Missouri River Basin for 7 streamflow-gaging stations, 1 river-stage station, 3 reservoir stations, and water quality for 2 streamflow-gaging stations.

Certain stations are maintained under agreement with Canada and the records are obtained and compiled in a manner equally acceptable to both countries. Most of these are designated as "international gaging stations."

Organizations that provided data are acknowledged in station descriptions.

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