Water Resources of North Dakota

Assessment of Information on Ground-Water/Surface-Water Interactions in the Northern Midcontinent

By M.L. Strobel

Abstract: Proceedings, North Dakota Water Quality Symposium, Bismarck, North Dakota, March 20-21 1996

Ground-water/surface-water interactions are important to the hydrology of shallow aquifers, streams, lakes, and wetlands. Information on ground-water/surface-water interactions in the northern midcontinent was assessed. The ground-water/surface-water interactions in physiographic and climatic areas that contain many wetlands differed from the interactions in areas that consisted predominantly of alluvial aquifers along large streams. In both types of areas, however, the interactions are complex. The distribution of shallow ground-water observation wells in the northern midcontinent and the frequency of measurement were evaluated. Most shallow wells are located adjacent to major streams, especially in areas where wetlands are not a dominant surface-water feature. The frequency of measurement was inconsistent between states.

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